Mov'in Europe is an ESN initiative to promote mobility.

It is based on two pillars:

  1. Mobility is a lifestyle that every young person should have the opportunity to embrace
  2. ESN and its volunteers can help young people to take the first step

As a campaign on promotion of mobility, Mov'in Europe aims to different, but interlinked, objectives: raise mobility issues on the political agenda, a better provision of information on mobility opportunities for young people, students and young graduates will be ensured through the development of innovative and lively material and initiatives all over the network.

Promoting new mobility opportunities is our mission, and we do so because there was a clear need expressed at the European level. The recent Eurydice report: "Towards a Mobility Scoreboard: Conditions for Learning Abroad in Europe", has clearly shown that “multipliers” (young people, students, graduates who took part in mobility) are not engaged enough in promoting mobility themselves.

To provide the much needed information for students that want to go abroad and support the information sharing between students, ESN International has started up a platform on the international website where information can be found on all different types of mobility programs and mobile students can discover who their local ambassadors are, or become an ambassador themselves.