Information on Coronavirus – Updates and advice for customers

Despite the Coronavirus outbreak, both Eurosender and our logistics partners maintain the operations. The logistics companies in our network can provide transportation services in all regions, including pick-ups and deliveries in areas affected by the spread of the virus.
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The safety of everyone comes first

There are a few precautionary measures that courier drivers are instructed to take in order to keep themselves and the clients safe. We kindly ask our customers to please be mindful and respect these measures when interacting with them.

Deliveries outside of the building.
Courier drivers will pick-up shipments from the outside of the building and not from closed spaces. Customers are kindly required to bring the shipment outside of their building.

Keep a safe distance from other people.
Courier drivers and customers should keep a physical distance of 2 meters, avoid shaking hands and avoid any physical contact.


Eurosender, as a business, is fully equipped to operate on a work-from-home stance, and we can ensure full service and assistance to all our customers.

Therefore, we would like to reassure our customers that you can confidently book transportation services as the goods can be delivered without significant disruptions. Deliveries in Northern Italy can continue, despite the lockdown of the region, and the shipping service can still be performed.