For the fourth time, ESN Belgium gathered international students from all over Belgium for the National Trip to Amsterdam during the Halloween weekend, this year in cooperation with YES-Trips.

This year ESN Belgium's national trip to Amsterdam took a big step forward: we more than double the amount of participants! We went from 300 to nearly 700 lucky Erasmus students from Ghent, Brussels, Mons, Louvain-La-Neuve, Leuven, Hasselt and Liège that can join us for a weekend in Amsterdam.

We planned a very fun and full weekend, 13 sections came together and all stayed in 1 hotel. A pub crawl, parties and a variety of daytime activities and much more made sure that nobody has a chance to be bored!

Early Friday morning everybody left in comfortable busses to arrive at Museumplein and take a group picture of this overwhelmingly big group of international students in front of the famous I AMsterdam sign. From here they embarked on a city tour throughout the city led by local students. To end a great first day, there was a big Halloween party in Undercurrent.

On Saturday the students were offered a variety of activities they could partake in such as a boat tour, visit to the Heineken Museum and much more. At night it was time to discover the night life of Amsterdam during a pub crawl.

To conclude the trip there was some free time to explore the city further on Sunday. After a tiresome but successful weekend it was then time to head back Belgium concluding the biggest National Trip organized by ESN Belgium thus far.