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Erasmus Student Network Belgium (ESN Belgium) is managed by the National Board (NB) that represents the Belgian network towards all external stakeholders.

The core tasks of the National Board are to support international student mobility for both incoming and outgoing students in Belgium, support the sections in Belgium in their development and the organisation of National Platforms where our volunteers can come together to foster the development of the Network, organise workshops and discussion tables to encourage knowledge sharing among the Belgian Network.

Each Board member is an experienced volunteer that originates from one of our sections. The National Board members are elected at the end of the academic year to start their mandate on the 1st of August. The Board of 2017-201 consists of the following 6 people.

Enzo Marquet


ESN Antwerp

Laura De Bock

Vice-President & Vice-NR

ESN Gent

Naomi Beaux

National Representative

ESN KULBrussels

Mathias Castelain


ESN Saint Louis

Thomas Sohet

Communication Manager

ESN ULiège

Florence Skwirzynski

Project Manager

ESN ULiège

National Coordinators

The National Board is supported by National Coordinators that have more operational and specific tasks to take care of. ESN Belgium has currently 6 National Coordinators.

Mickaël Bianchin

Education Officer (French part)

ESN Namur

Daisy Bocchi

SocialErasmus Coordinator

ESN VUB EhB Brussels

Arnaud Contet

ExchangeAbility Coordinator

ESN Mons

Kévin Liénard

IT Manager

ESN Mons

Oriane Schreuer

National Events Coordinator

ESN ULiège